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"Restaurant and Pizzeria"
Paolo’s cooking is neither creative nor refined cuisine… it’s that traditional cuisine of the Apennines in Emilia Romagna, that typical one handed down from father to son over the centuries. What Paolo is trying to do, it’s to keep alive the traditional cuisine of the mountains of Fiumalbo. This way good food will remind you of the past. And so, here at the “Bruco” restaurant it’s possible to try sippets ( lett. Significa crostini di pane), soups, boiled meat, flans, fricassees (lett.spezzatini) and stews (let.spezzatini)… the menů is wide, but I recommend you to ask Paolo for the daily menus! But to bring us back to our days there is Gabriella, who makes delicious desserts and helps guests to fell as if they were at home. And what about pizza? This is Federico’s task, who has made pizza and beers his purpose in life… and now he has brought a news for “Il bruco”: the metre long pizza!
"Il Bruco" Ristorante Pizzeria
Via Giardini, 87/A
41022 FIUMALBO (Mo)
Tel: 0536.73050